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One thing that every car and truck that has been sold commercially has in common since the beginning of the automotive industry is that they all had wheels. Car technology has certainly changed and evolved over the last several decades and the wheel is no exception to that. Truck and Car wheels, tires, and their parts have changed and are about as varied as car colors and upgrades. Rims come in every color of the rainbow and are designed for the features you want to point out in your vehicle. Does your ride scream luxury? Then you better get it a set of shiny luxury wheels that provide a cushy ride while turning heads. Is your car a powerhouse that tears up the track with an aggressive exhaust? You probably want a wheel and tire package designed to keep the meat of your tires on the road for speed, performance, and handling. Plan on taking your rig offroad? Let’s do it with a set of off-road tires engineered to be tough over rough terrain.

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