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Car and Truck Ignition Systems

Car and Truck Ignition Systems

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Starters, Ignition Coils, Plug Wires, Distributors, Caps, and More

Everything great starts somewhere so it’s no surprise that your next road trip starts with your car or truck’s starter, ignition switch, ignition coil, distributor… You get the point! Without anyone of these or several other car and truck ignition systems’ parts, you will not be going very far, at all.

Some symptoms to look for in a failing ignition system (keep in mind that these are some symptoms that COULD be something else but in diagnosing a car that won’t start, we have to start somewhere):

  • If you turn the key and all your lights come on strong but nothing else happens; no engine trying to turn over, no clicks, nothing, that’s probably your car starter.
  • If you turn the ignition and it keeps trying to start but just won’t kick over, that can be a bad ignition coil.
  • If you turn the ignition and get back fires when it tries to start that’s usually a timing issue or closely related to the truck or car’s distributor.

Any way you look at your ignition system problems, there is one thing all the experts and DIY mechanics agree on. That Auto Parts 4 Less is your one-stop shop for everything you need to fix a bad link in the chain that is your ignition system. From distributor caps and parts and whole distributors to ignitions switches, spark plug wires, and ignition coils, we have you covered.

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