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Car and Truck Emission Systems

Car and Truck Emission Systems

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Smog Control, Emission Control Modules, EGR Valves, and More

Is your check engine light on? This can be caused by any number of things but in most states it doesn’t matter what caused it to come on. If it’s on you will fail your emissions inspection. This is why it’s important to listen to your what your car is telling you and never let a check engine light go unchecked. As a multi-vendor auto parts marketplace, Auto Parts 4 Less has you covered on your car and truck emissions systems.

So your car’s scan code is showing P0101. Well, we have MAF sensors and emissions parts to fix and clear that code. Maybe your car’s scan code is reading P0443. That’s not a problem because we have new purge valves for your car’s EVAP system. OBDII code reading P0171 means your engine is running too lean or there’s too much oxygen air to fuel ratio. It could be a bad O2 sensor or maybe there’s a break in the airintake hose or maybe your engine just isn’t getting enough fuel. Great news, we have everything you need to repair your emissions system and clear your engine codes.

From EGR valves and emission modules and control units to smog control, air bypass valves, and many other emissions monitoring components, Auto Parts 4 Less has you covered.

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