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Car and Truck Charging and Starting Systems

Car and Truck Charging and Starting Systems

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Alternators, Starters, Ignition Switches, Batteries, and More

Getting your car started and keeping it started requires several parts working in unison. Without all of these parts working well together, your car or truck is little more than a paperweight. If your car starter goes out you will turn the key and the lights will all come on, but you won’t get so much as a click from the ignition. A bad ignition coil? Your car or truck will keep on turning but won’t kick over. A lot of people mistake this as a fuel delivery issue because if it’s not getting fuel, it does the same thing. At this point, all you are doing is draining the car battery so it’s time to start diagnosing your ignition system to find out which starting or charging part is failing you today.

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