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Unparalleled Small Block Chevy Oil Pan Gaskets by SCE Gaskets

A New Benchmark in Engine Sealing - SCE Gaskets' Small Block Chevy Oil Pan Gaskets

The quest for optimal engine performance and reliability culminates in the choice of gaskets. Specifically, for small block Chevy engines, the selection of an oil pan gasket can dramatically influence the engine's sealing efficiency and longevity. We introduce the SCE Gaskets' Small Block Chevy Oil Pan Gaskets, meticulously designed for unparalleled sealing performance.

Comprehensive Features for Supreme Engine Protection

Our oil pan gaskets, part number 11095-10, redefine excellence with their robust construction and detailed engineering, tailored to meet and exceed the demands of performance enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Tailored Thickness for Maximum Seal

At 0.400 inches thick, these gaskets promise a seal that accommodates surface irregularities between the oil pan and the engine block. This substantial thickness ensures a long-lasting seal, preventing any oil leaks that could compromise engine performance and durability.

Molded Silicone Rubber: The Ideal Gasket Material

Crafted from molded silicone rubber, these gaskets offer an outstanding seal under extreme temperatures, which is vital for high-performance applications. Silicone's resilience maintains a superior seal over time, providing an oil-tight fitment that remains consistent across various temperature fluctuations.

Design Precision: Accommodating Engine Variations

Our gaskets accommodate either side dipstick configurations, catering to a broad spectrum of small block Chevy engines. The design also integrates seamlessly with 2-piece rear main seal configurations, ensuring a perfect fit for engines with this specific setup.

Multi-Piece Innovation for a Flawless Fit

The multi-piece construction of the SCE Gaskets oil pan gaskets is not just about facilitating easier installation. It’s about ensuring each part of the gasket fits perfectly around the complex contours and components of the engine, creating a seal that's both robust and reliable.

Convenient Bulk Set for Workshops and Enthusiasts

We understand the need for efficiency and preparedness in both workshop settings and for individual enthusiasts. Our set of 10 gaskets ensures that you have the necessary components at hand, whether for immediate replacements or future maintenance.

Product Specifications at a Glance

Our product stands out with a combination of detailed specifications designed to offer both functionality and convenience:

  • Box Dimensions: Delivering a compact and secure packaging solution, the box measures 2.10 inches in height, 7.00 inches in length, and a width of 25.50 inches.

  • Weight: Each set weighs in at a total of 2.15 pounds, reflective of the quality materials used.

  • Part Number and UPC: The part number for these gaskets is 11095-10, and they come with a UPC of 679002115861, ensuring ease of inventory and identification.

Commitment to Health and Safety

In adherence to health and safety standards, we certify that our oil pan gaskets are free from substances known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm, as per Proposition 65 warnings.

Customer Satisfaction: Our Core Philosophy

At the heart of our operation is a commitment to customer satisfaction. This is why we offer free shipping, coupled with a free return policy, ensuring a risk-free purchase. Our handling time is set at zero days, meaning we prioritize prompt processing and dispatch of your order.

Conclusion: The Ultimate Choice for Your Small Block Chevy

The SCE Gaskets Small Block Chevy Oil Pan Gaskets set a new standard in engine sealing solutions. Meticulously engineered and crafted from the finest materials, they promise an unmatched seal and performance. Trust SCE Gaskets for your engine's integrity and unleash its full potential.

In selecting SCE Gaskets' premium oil pan gaskets, you are not just purchasing a product; you are investing in peace of mind and the assurance that your engine's sealing is in expert hands.

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