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Tuffy Security 145-01: The Ultimate Protective Drawer for Toyota FJ Cruiser


For Toyota FJ Cruiser owners, protecting their gear and equipment from theft is paramount. Tuffy Security Products introduces the 145-01 - a heavy-duty, high-security drawer system, meticulously designed to offer unparalleled safety and convenience.

Key Features

Robust Construction

Constructed from 16 gauge steel, this drawer is not only resilient but assures longevity. The durable powder coat finish complements its robustness, ensuring protection against rust and wear.

Advanced Locking Mechanism

Equipped with the patented Pry-Guard II locking system, this drawer comes with a 1/4 inch steel latch. This ingenious mechanism enables users to latch the drawer closed without necessarily locking it, offering flexibility during usage. Moreover, the patented Anti-Twist Push Button Lock System features a 10 tumbler double bitted security key, integrated with weather seals to ward off the elements.

Immense Storage Capacity

Offering 12,474 cubic inches of storage space, this drawer can house tools, equipment, and other valuables effortlessly. The adjustable height mounting system is another feather in its cap, creating an additional 4 inches of storage underneath.

Added Features

  • The drawer's side flaps are designed for convenience, opening to provide access to the jack, power outlets, and further storage.

  • It's noteworthy to mention its compatibility with or without the OEM sub-woofer.

  • A divider kit to further organize your gear is available but comes separately. It's shown in the picture with the part number 141-07.

  • Roller bearing slides guarantee smooth operation and can handle up to 300 pounds when the weight is evenly distributed.

Installation & Compatibility

With the mounting hardware included, installation becomes a breeze. Furthermore, this drawer is specifically tailored for the Toyota FJ Cruiser for models ranging from 2007 to 2014. Whether it's the Base model or the Trail Teams Special Edition, the Tuffy Security 145-01 perfectly integrates without a hitch.

Vehicle Fitment

  • 2014 - Toyota FJ Cruiser Base (4.0L V6)

  • 2013 - Toyota FJ Cruiser Base (4.0L V6)

  • 2012 - Toyota FJ Cruiser Base (4.0L V6)

  • 2011 - Toyota FJ Cruiser Base (4.0L V6)

  • 2010 - Toyota FJ Cruiser Base (4.0L V6)

  • 2009 - Toyota FJ Cruiser Base (4.0L V6)

  • 2008 - Toyota FJ Cruiser Base & Trail Teams Special Edition (4.0L V6)

  • 2007 - Toyota FJ Cruiser Base & TRD Special Edition (4.0L V6)

In Summary

Tuffy Security's 145-01 drawer system is the epitome of security combined with utility. For Toyota FJ Cruiser enthusiasts, this product is more than just a storage solution; it's peace of mind.

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