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The Afe Power G35X ADX 2.0 Remote Reservoir Aluminum Monotube Shocks

The world of vehicle suspension systems is vast and filled with various technologies that enhance the driving experience. Among the most cutting-edge of these technologies is the Afe Power brand's G35X ADX 2.0 Remote Reservoir Aluminum Monotube Shocks. This article aims to delve into the detailed aspects of this groundbreaking product, understanding its unique features, advantages, and suitability for different vehicle applications.

Comprehensive Design Features for Optimal Suspension Performance

1. 46mm Bore Size for Enhanced Responsiveness

The G35X ADX 2.0 features a 46mm bore size, a critical element that ensures quick response times and smoother rides. It enables the shock to handle different levels of pressure effectively, ensuring stability across various terrains and speed levels.

2. Remote Reservoir Technology for Uninterrupted Operation

The remote reservoir design is not just an aesthetic addition but plays a crucial role in enhancing the shock's performance. It facilitates a seamless flow of oil, thereby ensuring that the shock operates without any hitches.

3. Internal Floating Piston (IFP) to Ensure Efficiency

The inclusion of an IFP is a smart engineering move. It separates nitrogen gas from oil, thus preventing lag and fade, two common problems faced by conventional shocks. This technology ensures consistent dampening and superior ride quality.

4. Teflon Banded Piston for Versatility

The piston, banded with Teflon, enhances stability on various terrains, making the G35X ADX 2.0 suitable for both higher speed and crawl applications. This feature ensures that the shock adapts to different driving conditions with ease.

5. Aluminum Construction for Effective Heat Dissipation

Constructed with aluminum, the shock's design is not only lightweight but also excels in dissipating heat effectively. This feature ensures that the shocks function optimally, even under intense driving conditions.

Advanced Technology Integration for Superior Performance

1. Full Displaced Valve System

The integration of a full displaced valve system further contributes to superior ride performance. It offers a balanced flow of oil, ensuring that the shock operates smoothly.

2. IFP Technology to Prevent Gas and Oil Mixing

IFP technology is a standout feature, ensuring that gas and oil do not mix. It adds to the G35X ADX 2.0's efficiency, enhancing comfort, control, and consistency in dampening.

Compatibility and Installation Guide

Designed to fit various Jeep Gladiator models, the Afe Power G35X ADX 2.0 Remote Reservoir Aluminum Monotube Shocks also come with a comprehensive installation guide. This user-friendly approach ensures that even those with limited technical know-how can install the shocks without professional help.


The Afe Power G35X ADX 2.0 Remote Reservoir Aluminum Monotube Shocks symbolize technological advancement in the realm of vehicle suspension systems. From its 46mm bore size to the aluminum construction and IFP technology, every aspect is meticulously engineered to optimize suspension performance, improving ride quality, and handling. With features tailored for both higher speed and crawl applications, it is a product that promises improved control, comfort, and above all, an unparalleled driving experience.

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