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Introducing the Method MR501 VT-SPEC 2 Bronze Wheel: Craftsmanship Meets Performance

Automotive aficionados, rejoice! We're proud to present to you a wheel that isn't just a functional component but a statement in style and efficiency. Dive into the world of Method Race Wheels and their marvel, the Method MR501 VT-SPEC 2 15x7 Bronze Wheel. This product encapsulates the epitome of modern wheel technology with the aesthetics that can make heads turn.

Key Features

Supreme Construction: Aluminum Excellence

One of the foremost characteristics of this wheel is its aluminum construction. Aluminum doesn’t just provide the wheel with a sleek appearance but offers durability and a lighter weight. A lighter wheel means better fuel efficiency and improved overall performance.

Perfect Dimensions: Built for Stability

With a rim diameter of 15.00 inches and a rim width of 7.00 inches, this wheel is designed to offer unparalleled stability and control. It fits snugly, ensuring that the vehicle's performance is enhanced and not hindered.

Precision Fit: Bolt Pattern and Hub Bore

The 5x100 bolt pattern ensures a snug fit, reducing vibrations and ensuring smooth rides. Accompanied by a hub bore of 56.10mm, it guarantees that the wheel is centered accurately on the vehicle's hub, thereby minimizing the possibility of any alignment issues.

A Deep Dive into its Specifications

  • Bolt Pattern: A 5x100 configuration ensures wider compatibility with vehicles and ensures a firm grip.

  • Dimensions: With a consistent box height, length, and width all measured at 50.00, this wheel is meticulously designed for optimal balance.

  • Hub Bore: The 56.10mm measurement ensures precision and minimizes any unwanted wheel movement.

  • Offset: With an offset of 48.00, it guarantees optimal positioning, ensuring the wheel's weight is evenly distributed.

  • Style: The 501.00 VT-SPEC design isn't just a name but a testament to its unique build and look.

  • Weight: A manageable 19.90 assures that the wheel doesn't burden the vehicle but complements it.

Additional Information

  • Part Number: MC524

  • UPC: 191682011009

  • Condition: Brand new, ensuring that you receive a product that hasn't been tampered with or used.

  • Price: At just $224.00, it's an investment into not just a wheel, but an experience. Plus, enjoy free shipping when you order!

Why Choose Method Race Wheels?

Method Race Wheels stands out in the automotive market. Not only do they prioritize quality and performance, but they also focus on customer satisfaction. This wheel doesn't carry a California Proposition 65 warning, ensuring you’re not just getting a top-notch product, but one that's safe too.

Wrapping Up

Experience the blend of style, function, and top-tier craftsmanship with the Method MR501 VT-SPEC 2 15x7 Bronze Wheel. Whether you're a car enthusiast or someone looking for reliable wheels, this product promises to surpass expectations.

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