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Holley Double Pumper Carburetors: An Essential Upgrade for Optimal Performance

A Glimpse into the Legacy of Double Pumper Carburetors

When one delves into the annals of American automotive performance, the Double Pumper carburetors unmistakably stand out. Emblematic of American vehicular prowess, these carburetors, time and time again, have proven their worth in elevating the performance of countless vehicles. Initially, they took center stage as the preferred carburetor for an array of factory muscle cars. Fast forward to the present day, and they continue to underscore their significance, powering numerous vehicles victoriously across the finish line.

The Ideal Fit: Who Should Opt for the Double Pumper?

The Double Pumper, as its name suggests, isn’t for everyone. It has been meticulously crafted for:

  • Lightweight Vehicles: Whether it's a nimble sports car or a lightweight race vehicle, the Double Pumper is engineered for swift and agile machines.

  • Transmission Compatibility: These carburetors seamlessly align with vehicles boasting a manual transmission. Moreover, they are also an impeccable match for vehicles with an automatic transmission, given they have a high stall and sport low rear-end gears.

Exquisite Finishing & Features

The aesthetic appeal of the Double Pumper is undeniable. Available in two visually stunning finishes:

  • Gold Dichromate: A finish that exudes an aura of vintage elegance.

  • Tumble Polished Shiny: For those who adore a contemporary, sleek appearance.

Beyond its captivating looks, the Double Pumper is laden with features that elevate its operational efficacy:

  • Dual Accelerator Pumps: To ensure that there's no dearth of fuel during the crucial initial acceleration phase.

  • Mechanical Secondaries: These guarantee unmatched performance, enabling vehicles to unleash their full potential, translating to tire-turning capabilities.

  • Dual Feed Fuel Inlets: To ensure a consistent high-volume fuel delivery, ensuring that the engine never runs dry.

  • Manual Choke: Offering users unparalleled control, especially during the engine warm-up phase.

A Testament to Trustworthiness: The Holley Legacy

Entrusting one's vehicle's performance to a brand is a monumental decision. With Holley, there's a century-long legacy backing their expertise. Notably, every NASCAR champion since the 1960s has been powered by Holley, a testament to the brand's unwavering commitment to excellence.

Detailed Product Specifications

  • Adjustable: No

  • Material: Zinc

  • Finish: Shiny

  • Type: Automotive

  • Emission: Without EGR

  • Fuel Type: Gasoline

  • Booster Type: Straight

  • Carburetor Type: 4150.00

  • Part Number: 0-4777S

  • Country Of Manufacture: United States

  • UPC: 090127427392

  • Brand: Earl's Performance

Key Features at a Glance

  • Shiny finish, enhancing aesthetic appeal.

  • Calibration optimized for both street and strip, ready to use out-of-the-box.

  • Precise cold start control with a manual choke.

  • Mechanical secondaries ensuring unmatched tire-turning performance.

  • Dual accelerator pumps and dual feed fuel inlets for optimal fuel management.

Important Considerations

The Double Pumper Carburetor is a marvel of engineering with a shiny finish, characterized by its 4 barrel design and a capacity of 650 cfm. It bears the Model 4150 designation and is equipped with a manual choke, mechanical secondary, and dual fuel inlet, exclusively designed for gasoline.


For automotive enthusiasts and racers, the Holley Double Pumper carburetor isn't just a component; it's a piece of art that synergizes form with function. Backed by the trustworthiness of brands like Earl's Performance, one can be assured of its quality and performance. Whether you're hitting the streets or the race track, this carburetor promises to deliver unparalleled performance.

Disclaimer: California Proposition 65 Warning: The product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. More details.

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