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Elevate Your Vehicle's Visibility with Our Premium 7" Hi/Lo LED Headlights Ft Green Mini Lights

When it comes to automotive lighting, achieving the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal is critical. Our signature 7" Hi/Lo LED Headlight set, equipped with green mini lights, not only ensures road safety but adds a dash of elegance to your vehicle.

Unparalleled Design: Mini Bulbs for Enhanced Aesthetics

In our cutting-edge 1159 series, the headlights come adorned with mini bulbs that elevate the overall style quotient. These mini bulbs serve multiple functions: they can be smoothly integrated as daytime running lights, parking lights, or even turn signals. The unique design is a seamless fusion of style and utility, ensuring you never have to compromise on either.

Superior Lens Quality: The Lead-Crystal Glass Advantage

Plastic lenses are prone to oxidation, leading to cloudiness and reduced light output over time. We have replaced this component with a lead-crystal glass lens, known for its unparalleled durability and resistance to oxidation. By opting for this high-quality material, we ensure that the light emitted remains consistent in both quality and intensity.

Illuminate the Road Ahead: High Luminosity and Color Temperature

Equipped with LEDs that produce an astounding 4,000 lumens of light power, our headlight set is engineered to light up even the darkest paths. Furthermore, a 6,000 Kelvin color temperature ensures that the emitted light closely mimics natural daylight, making for a safer and more comfortable driving experience.

Dual Functionality: Hi/Lo Beam for Varying Conditions

Versatility is key when selecting the right headlight for your vehicle. Our headlight set features a dual-function Hi/Lo Beam, allowing you to adapt to changing road conditions and visibility levels. Whether navigating through a foggy morning or cruising on a dark, rural road, you can easily toggle between high and low beams to ensure maximum visibility.

Enhance Daytime Safety with LED COB Amber Halo

In addition to the main LED unit, our headlight set also includes a LED COB Amber Halo. This feature enhances your vehicle's visibility during the day, making it easier for other road users to spot you, thus improving overall road safety.

Complete Package for Easy Installation

Your purchase includes not just the headlight assemblies but also H4 LEDs, green LED city lights, and silicone boots. This comprehensive package ensures that you have everything you need for a hassle-free installation.

American-Made Excellence

We take pride in the fact that our 7" Hi/Lo LED Headlight set is manufactured in the United States, adhering to stringent quality control standards. By choosing our product, you are supporting local manufacturing while ensuring the highest quality for your vehicle.

The Ideal Replacement for Standard 7 Headlights

If you are looking to replace your standard 7" headlights, our product offers a seamless transition. Engineered to meet and exceed industry standards, this headlight set is the ultimate upgrade for your vehicle.

By opting for our 7 Hi/Lo LED Headlight set with green mini lights, you are choosing a product that epitomizes the fusion of top-notch engineering, aesthetic brilliance, and operational excellence. Illuminate your path with the best—because you deserve nothing less.

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