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Elevate Your Truck's Functionality with the Decked DS3 Storage System

Transform your pickup into a more versatile and organized workhorse with the Decked DS3 Truck Bed Storage System. The DS3 model exemplifies the fusion of robust construction and ingenious design, ensuring that your tools and equipment are stored securely, accessibly, and without compromising your truck's functionality.

Exceptional Storage Design

The Decked DS3 is meticulously crafted to enhance your truck's storage capabilities. With two full bed-length drawers, each able to support a hefty 200 lbs, you can store your heavy tools and gear with ease. The drawers operate on industrial-grade wheels, ensuring a smooth glide even when fully loaded.

Durable Materials and Construction

Crafted in the USA, the DS3 boasts a robust structure made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) co-molded to a sturdy galvanized steel subframe. This combination not only promises longevity but also provides a payload rating of 2,000 lbs for the deck, meaning you can load up without worry.

Weatherproof and UV-Resistant

The Decked DS3 system ensures your belongings stay dry and protected, no matter the weather conditions. Engineered to be impervious to extreme UV exposure and temperature fluctuations, it offers peace of mind that your gear is safeguarded.

Ergonomic and Efficient Access

Accessibility is a highlight of the DS3 storage system. The drawers are designed to slide out at waist height, allowing for ergonomic access to tools without the need to climb into the truck bed. This feature is particularly beneficial for professionals who frequently access their equipment.

Versatile Compatibility and Installation

Compatible with Ford F-150 Super Duty pickup trucks from 2009 to 2016 with a 6' 9" bed length, the DS3 system integrates seamlessly into your vehicle. Installation is straightforward, with easy-to-follow instructions and mounting to bed tie-downs with minimal drilling required.

Customizable and Expandable

The Decked DS3 storage system accommodates additional accessories for customizable storage solutions. Whether you need to house a crossover toolbox or an external fuel tank, the cab-side space is designed to adapt to your specific requirements.

Committed to Sustainability

Emphasizing an eco-friendly approach, Decked utilizes recycled materials in the construction of the DS3 system. This initiative not only contributes to the reduction of environmental impact but also demonstrates Decked's dedication to sustainable practices.

A Guarantee of Quality

The DS3 system is backed by a solid 3-year warranty, ensuring that you are investing in a product that is guaranteed to withstand the rigors of heavy use. With features like oversized cast aluminum handles for operation with gloves and anti-corrosion hardware, the DS3 is a testament to Decked's commitment to quality and durability.

Vehicle Fitment

Designed to fit a range of Ford F-250 Super Duty models, the DS3 system is a versatile solution for various trims and engines, ensuring that whether your truck is a Lariat, King Ranch, Platinum, or Limited edition, you have the storage capabilities you need.


The Decked DS3 Truck Bed Storage System offers unparalleled organization, security, and ease of access for truck owners. It stands as a paragon of American-made ingenuity, durability, and thoughtful design, ready to elevate the functionality and efficiency of your pickup truck. Make the smart choice for your vehicle, and choose the Decked DS3 for a superior storage solution.

For those ready to optimize their truck's utility, explore the Decked DS3 Truck Bed Storage System. Embrace the blend of functionality and robust design, and make your truck the ultimate tool for work and play.

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