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Comprehensive Guide to the Traxxas 2869X LiPo Battery

Introduction to Traxxas 2869X LiPo Battery

The Traxxas 2869X battery is a high-performance lithium polymer (LiPo) battery designed for use with Traxxas remote control vehicles. It boasts advanced features such as the Auto Battery ID and compatibility with Traxxas' exclusive iD battery system, offering a simplified and secure charging experience.

Key Features of Traxxas 2869X

  • Voltage and Power: With a 7.4 Volt (2-Series) configuration, the Traxxas 2869X provides ample power to Traxxas RC models, enhancing their speed and overall performance​​.

  • Capacity: The battery has a 3300 Milliampere Hour capacity, ensuring a prolonged run time for your RC models​​.

  • Discharge Rating: It comes with a 25C discharge rating, contributing to the efficient delivery of power to the RC vehicle.

  • Design and Compatibility: This 2-cell battery features a 2-Pin connector and a distinctive red, black, and blue design with Traxxas logos, making it visually appealing and easily identifiable​​.

Understanding LiPo Batteries

LiPo batteries, like the Traxxas 2869X, offer several advantages over traditional Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH) batteries. They are known for their higher energy density, which means they can store more power in a smaller volume. This characteristic enables LiPo batteries to sustain higher voltages over longer periods, providing more 'punch' to your RC models​​.

Safety and Maintenance

It's crucial to handle LiPo batteries with care. Traxxas advises never to leave a LiPo battery unattended while charging and always to use a LiPo-specific charger. These batteries should also be stored partially charged and in a cool, dry place to prevent damage​​. Balance charging is recommended to extend the battery's life and ensure even power distribution across cells​​.

Compatibility and Usage

The Traxxas 2869X is specifically designed for TRAXXAS RUSTLER, STAMPEDE, BANDIT, and MONSTER JAM remote control vehicles. However, it's important to note that not all batteries are universal; the 2869X may not fit in every RC model due to size or voltage considerations​​. Traxxas provides an easy way to find compatible batteries through their website, ensuring users can select the right battery for their specific model.

Charging and Storage

Traxxas iD chargers are the recommended choice for charging the 2869X battery. These chargers automatically identify the battery's type, voltage, and capacity, simplifying the charging process. The iD chargers offer various modes such as Balance, Fast, and Store Mode, catering to different usage and storage needs​​.

Battery Care Tips

Regular inspection of the battery is essential to check for any signs of damage. After usage, especially when the Low-Voltage Detection activates, it is advisable to recharge the LiPo batteries soon after. If not planning immediate reuse, setting the battery to Store Mode is recommended​​.


The Traxxas 2869X LiPo battery, with its high capacity, robust discharge rating, and compatibility with Traxxas' advanced charging system, is an ideal choice for RC enthusiasts looking for reliable, high-performance batteries. By following proper charging and maintenance protocols, users can ensure the longevity and safe operation of their Traxxas 2869X batteries, thereby enhancing their remote control vehicle experience.

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