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Alcon Red 6-Piston Caliper Front Big Brake Kit: Upgrade Your 2021+ Ford Bronco Braking Performance

The pursuit of off-road performance and vehicle modification has found a new high with the release of Alcon’s Red 6-Piston Caliper Front Big Brake Kit for the 2021+ Ford Bronco.

This newly launched kit, stocked exclusively at Rudy's Performance Parts, exemplifies the cutting edge in braking technology. If you're keen on optimizing your Ford Bronco's stopping power, you've found the perfect upgrade.

Under the part number BKF1551K61, this brake kit is more than just a component replacement. It is a substantial upgrade that brings motorsport quality to your vehicle. Utilizing high-temperature seals found in professional racing applications, this kit is designed to endure the most extreme conditions. Moreover, the dust seals ensure peak performance even in the harshest and dustiest environments.

Unlike many other kits, this Alcon variant includes everything you need for a complete brake system overhaul. From calipers, adapters, spacers, and hardware to performance brake pads, the kit provides all the necessary components. And the beauty of it? It retains compatibility with your stock master cylinder and parking brake!

But it's not just about what's in the box; it's the enhancements these components deliver. Expect up to a 6% reduction in pedal effort, a 23% reduction in pad work rate, and up to 12% reduction in disc temperature rise.

The high friction pads, coupled with the wiper seal on every piston for dirt exclusion, significantly increase your Bronco's stopping power. This kit offers up to a 6% increase in available brake torque, enhancing your vehicle's braking responsiveness.

Further adding to its allure is the low-profile design that neatly fits under your OEM wheels. The design doesn't only offer a clean look; it also enables fitment inside many 17” and larger aftermarket wheels. This versatility allows for wider customizability in wheel choice without compromising brake performance.

Boasting an epoxy acrylic paint over an acid zinc finish, the kit offers maximum corrosion protection, ensuring a long-lasting lifespan even when used in the harshest conditions. The larger rotors augment brake torque and thermal capacity, reducing the potential for brake fade, while the increased pad area decreases temperatures and elongates pad life.

The Ductile Iron caliper housing promises maximum strength and stiffness while offering a high resistance to impact and fatigue. As a result, even under the strain of severe off-roading, this brake kit will remain steadfast.

This Alcon kit, manufactured in the United States, ensures a direct fitment on the 2021-2022 Ford Bronco models. However, it's important to note that it does not fit the Bronco Sport Model. Its compatibility with stock OEM actuation while retaining and utilizing the OEM parking brake makes installation straightforward.

With only 1 left in stock at Rudy's Performance Parts at the price of $2,544.00, this brake kit is as exclusive as it is performance-oriented. Order soon, and bring the stopping power of a motorsport vehicle to your Ford Bronco.

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