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A Close Look at the RACELINE 940C Hostage Rim: A Fusion of Performance and Style

There's nothing quite like a set of chrome rims to make your ride stand out from the crowd.

The Raceline 940C Hostage Rim, with its sleek, aggressive design, is a perfect example of why chrome remains a favorite finish for wheels. But with the Raceline 940C, you're getting more than just good looks. This wheel is an embodiment of the Raceline promise – superior performance, impeccable quality, and unrivaled design.

As a testament to this, the wheel is designed and built by Raceline & Allied Wheel, acclaimed leaders in aftermarket wheels for both consumer and off-road racing vehicles1. They've poured their race-winning technology into their consumer line, resulting in products that dominate both the streets and the track1.

At the heart of the 940C Hostage Rim is its construction. It's built from heavy-duty A356 aluminum, ensuring strength and durability suitable for on and off-road applications12. This material choice guarantees that your wheels can endure the rigors of daily driving and the punishing conditions of off-road environments2.

Design-wise, the 940C Hostage Rim is a marvel. It flaunts a simple yet aggressive 8 split spoke deep lip design. The spokes are thick and solid, converging towards the hub and then flaring out to the rim edge, creating a deep outer lip12. This gives the wheel an unmistakable rugged and aggressive appearance, which perfectly complements the chrome finish2.

The debossed Raceline logo on the lip and the bolt-on cap with a contrasting embossed Raceline logo are sophisticated touches that make the wheel distinctively Raceline1. Available in sizes ranging from 16” to 22” diameters, the 940C Hostage Rim can accommodate a wide variety of vehicles1. Its hub bore measures 78.10, and it uses a 5x127 bolt pattern.

It's noteworthy that the rim passes or exceeds all DOT standard load ratings, signifying it is engineered to meet strict safety standards1. Though the Raceline 940C Hostage Rim exudes performance and durability, it doesn't compromise on style.

The chrome finish brings a touch of classic elegance and high-end appeal to the wheel. This is a wheel for those who love to make a statement with their ride. Available now at Autoparts4Less your go-to platform for purchasing car parts. Its global network of trusted sellers offer an unparalleled range of products to meet various needs.

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